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IT services

Computer services

Computer-equipped lecture rooms

The Piacenza Campus currently has five computer-equipped rooms, two of which specifically devised for using CAD/CAM software. Due to the evening opening service, the rooms can be used from 7:30 a.m. to midnight. The computer-equipped rooms are run by the IT services area

Service for evening access to the campus 

This service guarantees access to students enrolled at Piacenza campus of the Politecnico di Milano after closing time. The entrance is located in Via Neve,13. 

For evening access from Monday 30/09/2019 to Friday 24/07/2020 students must follow this simple procedure:

1. download the attachments at the bottom of this page for the form and regulations for evening access or pick up a copy at the porters' lodge  of Caserma Neve (via Scalabrini 76)

2. read the regulations for evening access and fill in the form in all its parts

3. hand in the completed form and your Politecnico badge at the porters' lodge of Caserma Neve (via Scalabrini 76) to have it enabled for access to the door in via Neve 13

4. within 24 hours of submission your badge will be enabled and may be collected from the same porters' lodge. If the badge and form are submitted on a Friday access will only be possible from the evening of the following Monday.

5. at this point the student can access the Campus using the door situated in via Neve 13 from 8 11.30 p.m.

Configuration of the wireless network

Students and teaching staff may use the wireless network provided on Campus; for instructions click on the following link:



Office: Ground Floor - Via Scalabrini 76 


Andrea Matti tel. 0523.356805

Giovanni Alberti tel. 0523.356814

Alessandro Mazzoni tel. 0523.356815