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The texts adopted and recommended in the bibliographies of the course module programmes for the degree courses offered are available in the library of the Piacenza Campus. The library currently has more than 5000 books and includes scientific works by Italian and international authors regarding Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economy, Transport, Logistics, Power systems and Architecture and is still growing. It is also possible to consult the Politecnico's electronic periodicals and on-line data banks at the computer workstations. 

The library facilities comprise four communicating rooms for reference, reading and studying. The reference room has 4 desks. It is reserved for individual consultation and is equipped with two personal computers for access to the on-line catalogue (OPAC). The study room, with 35 desks, is reserved for students and group study is permitted. 

The Library also has a "social responsibility", which is to "take care" of the students (teaching sphere), who not only are no less important to the teaching staff (research sphere), but are our first and most impressive link with the outside and with the future. Providing them with sufficient and specific services, consistent with a teaching methodology in which library study is not a vague variable, but not a well-organised part of the learning path, perhaps will naturally make them into post-university users who are inclined to thnk of their old library as the "right place". 

Location and opening hours 

The Library is located in Via Scalabrini, 113 -  Building 11


Personnel - Representatives and loan to users service

Dott.ssa Silvia Scotti: tel. 0523.356871 - fax 0523-356877


Services offered

To access University library services (SBA), users must be registered and enabled in the University authentication system. Procedures and rights of unauthorised users to access the services are defined in the Service Charter.   The catalogue is accessible from the internet and includes the theses owned by the Politecnico di Milano, as well as electronic periodicals which can be consulted on line (


Access to the library is free. Consultation of the material is subject to a request made to the personnel in charge who will make it available for reference or loan. 


The loan service is reserved exclusively for the following categories of users: students, PhD students, temporary research fellows, post-graduate students, master's degree students, teaching and all other staff in service at the Politecnico, who show their magnetic identity badge. 

The loan service does not include periodicals, theses, encyclopaedias, atlases and all other works which, in the opinion of the library manager, must remain constantly available to users for reference. 

No more than 5 books may be taken out on loan at once, for a period of approximately 1 month. Up to 5 loan renewals are permitted only if in the meantime the book concerned has not been requested by another user. 

If the book is not returned by the due date, the user will be punished by suspension from the loan service for a period based on the number of days that the book is overdue. 

In the event of loss or damage to the books received for reference or on loan, the user will be required to replace the book he/she has lost or damaged by purchasing a duplicate copy. If the book is no longer in print, it must be replaced by a new edition. 

Loan requests 

Users may make use of this service by going to the loans desk or using the on-line service. After the request has been received, the library will notify the user as soon as the requested book becomes available. 

Intra-system Loans 

The service permits its users to request loan of material held in other Politecnico libraries. Loans are granted for 20 days, plus any renewals. 

Inter-library loans 

This service offers Politecnico users the possibility of accessing the collections of the libraries of other bodies; it also allows Italian and international libraries and cultural bodies to request loan of the material held in the University's libraries. For further information: office

e-Book service 

This service is intended for the teaching staff, students and technical and administrative personnel and is accessible at the following address: