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Printing Service 

The printing service offered on the Piacenza Campus allows all users a given number of prints per year (credit). Both the students and the teaching staff may therefore print documents on the numerous printers provided for them. In total, the Campus has 22 peripheral printing devices all connected to the local network, permitting printing on any device from any workstation, both fixed and mobile. The B/W laserjet-type printers are installed in all the offices of the teaching staff and in all the computer-equipped rooms, except for computer-equipped room 4 where a colour injet printer and a plotter for printing large formats are provided. 

The following are the procedures for installation of the printers, which differ according to the user and the device used (usable only from the local network): 

Operation of printers and scanners 

Follow the procedures given in the document at the bottom of the page to install and use the scanners provided on the campus on a portable computer   

The service permits students to use the scanners provided in the facilities of the Piacenza Campus both from the fixed workstations in the laboratories and from their own portable computers. 

A series of services are provided for students, who can access them by contacting the offices: 

  • Installation of printers via web 
  • Display of remaining printing credit 
  • Free downloading of software available to the students 


Print centre costs