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Piacenza Halls of Residence

This website gives information on all the facilities in the territory of Piacenza that provide accommodation for students.

Community Support project 

Accommodation facility is adjacent to the campus, provided by the Municipal Administration, is available for students studying at the Piacenza campus. 

Students who have the right to be assigned accommodation are required to devote three hours per week working with elderly or disabled adults living in the municipal housing in Via Neve and Via Confalonieri and in the district 1 of the Municipality of Piacenza. 

In the garden behind the main Politecnico building there are some accommodation units of various kinds, providing accommodation for a total of 19 students registered for the various undergraduate and post-graduate courses. 

The accommodation units, provided for the Politecnico by Piacenza Municipal Administration and managed by ACER (Municipal Housing Agency), are modern, fully furnished and with quality finishes. 

The largest units comprise: 

  • 3 single bedrooms  
  • 3 bathrooms 
  • kitchen 
  • lounge/study area 

The smallest units comprise:

  • 1 double-bedded bedroom 
  • lounge with kitchenette 
  • bathroom 

Charges and expenses 

The charges for the 2018/2019 academic year are: 

  • 130.00 per month per bed in a double room 
  • 180.00 per month per bed in a single room 

In addition to the above fees, students must pay the expenses for heating, electricity and service charges related to the individual accommodation occupied. 

Assignment criteria 

Assignment of accommodation takes place by a call for applications. 

A special committee will select the student to whom the accommodation will be assigned. 

The selection will take account of the following criteria

  • results achieved in studies 
  • financial situation 
  • distance of the University campus from place of residence 

All students registered for educational-teaching activities taking place at the Piacenza campus of the Politecnico di Milano subject to agreement to take part in the Community Support Project and in possession of the requirements stated in the call for applications. 




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