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You can find out all about events in the city by consulting the website of the Municipality of Piacenza


22 May Santa Rita  

A traditional festival held each year on St. Rita's Day. The whole length of the Stradone Farnese is the setting for the procession of cars that receive the blessing of the Capuchin Friars, responsible for the upkeep of the Sanctuary. Additionally, there are stalls selling consecrated roses and a charity booth. 

June - July Venerd́ piacentini 

Friday evenings with music, art, culture and live performances in the streets of the city. 

4 July St. Antoninus 

Traditional fair on the day dedicated to the Patron Saint of the City. The stall occupy the main avenue of the city and adjoining streets from sunrise until night. 

1st Week-end in September European Market 

The Faxall (our tree-lined avenue) is invaded by the tastes and aromas of local products arriving from all over Europe. 

3rd week in September Festival of Law 

A multidisciplinary event, tackling differing themes at each edition. 

Piacenza on Ice - November January 

An ice-skating rink for adults and children. 

Christmas markets 

Street markets with local and international craft products.