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Research laboratories


LEAP (Laboratorio Energia Ambiente Piacenza - Piacenza Energy Environment Laboratory)

It conducts research and experimentation in the sectors of thermic energy generation; electricity generation and biomass, waste and residue cogeneration; use of fossil fuels with CO2 capture, analysis and modelling energy systems; evaluation of interventions for energy efficiency.

MUSP (Macchine Utensili e Sistemi di Produzione - Machine Tools and Production Systems)

It conducts research and experimentation in the field of advanced mechanics: configuration and management of integrated production systems; precision and testing engineering; machine tools and technological processes; materials and technologies for aeronautical production.


Lab. OC – Open City

Lab OC is an integrated design laboratory; its main research lines concern design methodologies and project strategies for metropolitan areas involved in urban regeneration processes. The impacts of such transformations are related to the following thematic categories: Re-generation; Re-use; Re-cycle of contemporary landscapes; Creativity/Research/Innovation in architectural and urban design; Networking/Exchange/Internationalization of architectural research. Since 2010, Lab OC organizes the OC – Open City International Summer School.

Lab. MOD – Modeling laboratory and FAB-LAB

Lab MOD is an applied workshop of technical processing and practical experimentation, oriented to innovative techniques for 3d-modelling of prototypes and maquettes, at all design scales.

Lab. LARs – Sostenibilità ambientale dell'architettura urbana (Environmental Sustainability of Urban Architecture)

Investigates architecture from a multi-scale, synchronous viewpoint (design/construction/use/transformation/regeneration) and with reference to various aspects of everyday life (psychophysical wellbeing/mobility/culture). 

Lab. LABSAT – Analisi e progetto degli Spazi e dei Tempi della Città (Analysis and design of spaces and time in cities)

A multidisciplinary and international research network for contemporary urban design focussing on Urban time planning and integrated design.