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Internships are designed to reduce the distance between theoretical knowledge, taught ex cathedra, and the reality of the working world which you will enter after obtaining your degree. 

An internship, the length of which is predefined but varying according to the degree course, is a period of work and training spent at a company, an agency or a professional practice. 

During the whole period of internship, you will be supervised jointly by a university tutor and by a company tutor. 

You may choose the internship from those offered on line on the Career Service website or, if you wish, you may propose a company yourself. In the latter case, acceptance of the proposal will be subject to opinion of the coordinator who will check the soundness of the company and the suitability of the project offered.   

You may choose compulsory curricular internships with a predefined duration for which you will receive an exact number of credits and optional internships for which the duration is variable and agreed between the tutors and the intern. 

Optional internships may also be post-graduate work experience and may begin no later than 12 months after the date of graduation for a duration of no more than 6 months, extensions included. Beyond 12 months, you will need to refer to alternative promoting bodies. For those who have attained a Masters Decree or a Doctorate, the same procedure applies as for graduates. 

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