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Bachelor of Science programmes

Bachelor of Science programme in Architectural Design

To enrol it is necessary to take the Test of Architecture. The test is managed at national level by the Decree of the Ministry of Education, University and Research which establishes date, requirements and programs. The test takes place once a year and consists of a series of multiple choice questions. The test may be taken by students in their final year of high school or who have already graduated.
Politecnico di Milano requires students enrolled in Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) programmes to have knowledge of English. Students, once enrolled, must demonstrate their knowledge by submitting one of the certifications recognized by the University or by taking part in specific dedicated test sessions.

Bachelor of Science programme
in Mechanical Engineering

To enrol it is necessaryit is necessary to take the TOL - Test On Line engineering test, which consists of a series of multiple choice questions and is divided into two parts:

  • TEST: to test your knowledge of logic, mathematics, statistics, physics and your verbal comprehension abilities;
  • TENG (Test of English): to verify your knowledge of English.

The TOL takes place using personal computers in the IT-equipped lecture theatres of the various Politecnico Campuses, except for Mantova.

If the student passes the entrance tests, he/she will have to complete the official enrolment procedures by handing in to the International Students Office a series of documents.
Please find detailed information about the admission process on