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Internships for students in the second-to-last year of Secondary School

For Laurea programmes in Architectural Design and Mechanical Engineering, every year a week of internship is held for students in their second-to-last year of secondary school.

This is an educational guidance project launched by the Piacenza Campus of the Politecnico which allows a group of students, selected by their teachers based on academic performance, interest shown towards one of the two Laurea programmes and motivation for constant commitment, to learn more about the training programme and its educational and application peculiarities, acquire greater awareness of this Laurea programme and of the skills developed, acquire information and stimuli useful for university guidance and immediately use some of the soft skills acquired during schooling and acquire new ones.

Students participate in the week-long internship according to the programme of interest; a week of internship for the Laurea programme in Architectural Design and a week of internship for the Laurea programme in Mechanical Engineering are in fact organised.

During the week of internship, students are followed by several professors of the Politecnico di Milano, in coordination with the Piacenza Campus Guidance Service.

Internship in Architectural Design

Internship in Mechanical Engineering