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Why choose Piacenza


The Politecnico di Milano is one of the most prestigious universities in Italy and one of the most acknowledged at European level in the field of science and technology. 

In addition to this prestige, our Campus adds all the advantages attributed to a small city like Piacenza. 

There are numerous advantages to be gained from studying in Piacenza:


  • availability of logistics services and the highest level of structures for  reaching the campus from every part of Italy;
  • a low number of students per professor, which makes possible to use teaching methods on a human scale; this means that the teaching staff offer a great many opportunities for explanations and in-depth study;
  • a high number of lecture theatres and laboratories with webcam and video projection systems, which permit a maximum of 50 students to attend lessons at one time;
  • close collaboration with companies in the territory, so that it is possible to integrate purely didactic activity with visits, training and internships;
  • availability of English tutoring courses for freshmen;
  • presence of a library with adjacent rooms for studying and consulting texts;
  • availability of a bar/cafeteria service on the campus and a photocopy shop in the vicinity;
  • availability of accommodation adjacent to the campus;
  • possibility of applying for scholarships and degree grants and of taking part in the rankings for 150 hours of work in educational services (administrative office, tutoring, etc.)