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from ecological landscape to architectural design

6th EDITION - September 2015, 7-25

1st deadline for registration 15th of June 2015

2nd deadline for registration 30th of June 2015

An International Summer School

Since 2010 the Piacenza Campus of Politecnico di Milano hosts the OC - Open City International Summer School, oriented to the design of the ‘open space’ with different scale of interventions from landscape transformation to public areas and specific architectural components , is a new important initiative in post-graduate studies with an international scope.

The school is open to senior undergraduate, graduate (Bachelor and Master) and doctoral students from Italian and foreign Architecture, Engineering, Design and Planning Schools. The workshop aims at maintaining an open dialogue among the different design specialties forced to face the problems arising from architectural, urban and environmental transformations, becoming a discussion forum and a brainstorming workshop where issues on the general development perspectives of contemporary habitats can be discussed

Located in the renovated former slaughterhouse (Arata Campus), the OC - Open City International Summer School draws dozens of students, tutors and teachers from around the world to discuss the issues of architectural, urban and enviromental design every year. Additionally the full calendar of daily lectures, open to the entire city, increases the cultural value with top names in the international culture of architecture.



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