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Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Energy Engineering - Ingegneria Energetica (Renewables and Environmental Sustainability - RES)

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Energy engineering is the industrial engineering sector that deals with the design and management of energy plants and their components. In this context, energy technologies play an increasingly important role in the exploitation of renewable energy sources and the reduction of the environmental impact of fossil fuels. 

The "Renewables and Environmental Sustainability" track taught at the Piacenza Campus - in which is involved Eni S.p.A. - includes a special training path that aims to train professionals with skills that are transversal to the issues of Energy and the Environment: clean and safe energy, sustainability, “smart” transportation, efficient use of energy and materials, sustainability of bioresources.

Energy engineers graduating from this master's degree course have an in-depth knowledge of the operating principles, technologies and management methods of low-carbon and low-impact systems; principles of technical/economic regulation of energy systems; design and use of tools for process analysis; multidisciplinary project management; scenario analysis, impact and sustainability assessments. 

After passing the State Examination, Master's degree graduates can enrol in the Register of Engineers (section A). 

Video presentation of the programme