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Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering - Ingegneria Meccanica ("Machine Tools Engineering" track)

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The Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering - Ingegneria Meccanica involves solid training provided to students through the scientific approach of the first year, expanded by the technical-applicative specialised content of the second year which, together with the degree thesis, facilitate the immediate entry into the job market. 

The Piacenza Campus runs a track in the second year of the Laurea Magistrale, "ME8 - Machine Tools Engineering", with the first semester of lessons being taught, as for the first year, at the Milano Bovisa Campus. The educational activities of the second semester - with the collaboration of leading advanced mechanics and industrial automation companies - take place in the Piacenza area instead. 

The training path prepares engineers specialised in mechanical design, integration, control and performance measurement of complex mechanical systems, such as numerical control machines for mechanical processing and production systems. The teaching makes use of the availability of the MUSP Laboratory where innovation projects and applied research activities are developed together with the sector’s main companies. 

After passing the State Examination, Master's degree graduates in Mechanical Engineering can enrol in the Register of Engineers (section A).

Video presentation of the track