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Laurea (equivalent to B.Sc.) in Architectural Design

Admission requirements are having an upper secondary education diploma (or other evidence of formal qualifications recognised as being suitable) and taking the architecture admission test.

The test takes place once a year and can be taken by students who have already graduated from high school.

For all updates following the health emergency due to Covid-19 it is advisable to consult on a regular basis.

Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to M.Sc.) in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design

In order to enrol in Laurea Magistrale programmes, it is necessary to hold a Laurea or other qualification recognised as suitable (or to be studying for said degree, provided that it is obtained within the deadline for enrolment) and to submit an application for admission within the periods indicated by the University.

Admission applications may be submitted for both the first and the second semester.

Admission to a Laurea Magistrale programme is subject to an assessment of the candidate's previous career and the adequacy of their preparation, as well as to a test of their knowledge of the English language.

Each Laurea Magistrale programme has specific admission requirements, which are set out in the relevant educational rules. For further information please go to