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Research laboratories

For students enrolled in Engineering programmes at the Piacenza Campus, there is a great opportunity to further investigate the themes of the training course, with the chance to attend two research laboratories: the LEAP (Laboratory Energia e Ambiente Piacenza) and the MUSP (Laboratory Macchine Utensili e Sistemi di Produzione).  

These research laboratories also account for two of the nodes of the Emilia-Romagna Region's High Technology network, where research activities are developed in collaboration with the main companies in the sector. Here the students can carry out application tasks, with the advantage of experimenting in the field the concepts they have learned in class.

Attending the laboratories is not only an important opportunity to complete one's training: in many cases it can also provide the opportunity to experience the internship or to develop one’s thesis within a company, institution or other establishment in the area, with a view to subsequent integration into the job market.