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ICT Service

ICT services for students

All the students erolled in the Politecnico di Milano have various  IT services available such as, for example:

  • a powerful network connection infrastructure and a wide range of software packages;
  • a virtual welcome kit to start its own life in the University;
  • a mail service for institutional communications;
  • cloud services Microsoft Office 365;
  • virtual desktop: software packages for teaching activities;
  • a list of native apps developed by Politecnico.

For further information on the full list of ICT services dedicated to our students, consult the University website at

Printing service for students enrolled in Piacenza Campus

Students enrolled at the Piacenza Campus have an annual printing credit (40,00 Euros/year) available to use. They can therefore use the printers at their disposal, gradually deducting the cost of printing from their virtual credit. Students can top the print credit up for any amount by paying in cash at the Adminsitrative secretary (Caserma Neve Campus, First Floor - Monday to Friday 9.00am - 12.30pm).