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The city

Piacenza is the capital of the homonymous province of Emilia-Romagna and has just over 100,000 inhabitants. If we consider the whole province (the city and the other 47 municipalities), the total number of inhabitants is around 285,000.

Piacenza is located in the centre of the Po Valley, and lies on the right bank of the river Po, about 70 km from Milan. It is the end point of the ancient Via Emilia, and the city is located in the northernmost and westernmost part of the Emilian region. It is enclosed by the beautiful hills and mountains of the Apennines.

The city of Piacenza is connected to Lombardy by four bridges over the Po river: two car bridges (one on the SS 9 Emilia, and the motorway bridge on the A1) and two railway bridges (one on the Milan-Bologna line and one on the High Speed line).

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