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Laurea (equivalent to B.Sc.) in Architectural Design


Italian and English


School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering


3 years


Architecture test

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The Laurea (equivalent to B.Sc.) in Architectural Design provides training in architecture in its logical-formal, historical, aesthetic, constructive, technological and representational aspects. The architectural project involves different areas and scales of application: the city, the landscape, buildings, the built environment, and interiors. 

The path is characterised by the centrality of the project experience, founded on the integration and synthesis of disciplines, promoting synergy between laboratories and courses for the study of architectural disciplines in their humanistic, artistic and technical-scientific aspects, and those that can integrate and enrich the architect’s areas of expertise. The training course is completed with an internship

At the Piacenza Campus, the educational offer of the Laurea programme in Architectural Design features common learning objectives and results, with teaching also taking place at the Milan and Mantova campuses. During the third year, consistent with the cultural project of the Campus, the learning experience of the Final Design workshops and elective courses focus on the themes of environmental sustainability and the design of the landscape and open spaces. Starting with the academic year 2020/2021, there will be a course with lessons taught in English, and 50 places are available for students from non-EU countries in addition to 50 places for Italian students and from other EU countries.

Graduates in Architectural Design are offered professional opportunities at institutions and bodies, public and private companies, professional firms, and design companies. After passing the State professional examination, Architectural Design graduates can enrol in the Register of Architects, Planners, Landscape Designers and Conservation Professionals, in section B, Architecture Sector, with the title of Iunior Architect.

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